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The ancient art of threading has withstood the pressures of modern technology. Originating in Central Asia, this technique has been used to beautify brides as well as royalty, offering precision and control in achieving the most perfectly shaped brows.

At AAINA, only 100% cotton thread is used to remove the rows of hair strands right from its follicle, making ingrowns rare. 


There are many paths to achieve healthy and glowing skin. A facial is one of them. It works to stimulate circulation and improve blood flow. Whether you want to nourish your dehydrated skin, restore the blush of youth, or correct conditions such as acne or oily skin, we invite you experience the TOUCH OF AAINA. 


Originating from Ancient Egypt, waxing is yet another timeless technique. Our wax is easy to use and provides excellent results. It can be used on any area of the body to get rid of unwanted hair. It is efficient in removing short hair, hence there is minimal to no ingrown hair. At AAINA, we will ensure a swift waxing process, leaving your                                                        skin silky smooth.